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Altered Visions Submission Guidelines

  1. Submissions for the Altered Visions Fan Fiction site can be emailed to the editors of the site. Each story is given a go-ahead by the imprint editors with the final say so of the Editor in Charge, Doug Bookey and the Assistant Editor in Charge Tom Moses.  Please contact either Doug Bookey or Tom Moses with any questions pertaining to how your story would fit in our world.
  2. We ask that each new writer comes in with at least a base knowledge of the site and the stories being posted.  We’re not asking for experts on everything that has gone on at AV but we would like to see someone knows at least what’s going on in at least the big picture.
  3. Recommended reading, while we don’t require anyone to sit down and read the site from beginning to end, we host a wonderful collection of stories and a new writer would be amiss to ignore the happenings going down in our little world.  We do have very specific things we look for in the series, and there are things happening that affect the world as a whole, this is not an archive site where anything goes, rather a cooperative world where each story has a part to play in the world in which these characters live.
  4. Submissions must be in a written format. Discussed Below:
    1. Introduce yourself, as editors would like to know everyone they are responsible for at least on a professional basis. Nothing too elaborate, just the basic information is recommended.
    2. The basic premise of the story. What is it about? What would kind of story are you looking to tell? Action oriented? Character based? Drama? Comedy? Etc?
    3. What characters are needed? Obviously not every character is available all the time. That is why a dibs list is necessary, and one will be maintained for the entire site.  List what characters are needed and what role they may play in your title. If the characters are subject to change regularly let the editors know and be sure to tell them when title rosters change.
    4. What kind of schedule are you looking to post on? Monthly? Bi-monthly? Is the title an ongoing story, or a mini-series? This topic is one of necessity as we intend to keep the site on a regular updating schedule and there must be a good idea where a prospective title fits within that schedule.
    5. Type of Series: Ongoing or Limited? Limited series are set forth by issue length to be either a mini series or a maxi series. Mini series are 6 issues and less, while maxi series are any finite series more than 6 issues. As a policy, the editors at Altered Visions ask that one issue beyond half of the mini-series is written before the first issue is posted online. As that gives the writer a good place to be ahead with their series and plenty of time to have the series edited grammatically and keep the series on schedule with the rest.
    6. Writing Sample: We would like to see a sample of your writing. If you have some Fan Fiction online then include a link to that. If you do not have any Fics online then go ahead and attach about a page to show off your skill, that way we can get a feel for how you write.
  5. Altered Visions Presents . This is the name of our blanket anthology title any story based on any un-dibbed character can be showcased there. For the cases that a character is already being showcased in an ongoing story, contact Tom as he is the main point of contact with the anthology. All submissions must be sent to both Doug and Tom, and one will be in contact with you shortly after receiving your submission.  The anthology submissions shouldn't be any longer than two issues, as then it would constitute a miniseries. Violence and sexual themes are to be kept at a minimum, but can be discussed on a one on one basis with the site editors.
  6. Posting Schedule:  We at Altered Visions hope to prescribe to a set release of story schedule to twice a month.  While we’re not perfect and things do get in the way, we hope to be able to honor the release schedule by ensuring that we have some stories to post to ensure the sites health.  While we realize real life gets in the way and this is but a hobby, we ask writers to send us a regular helping of their stories, to not only keep the site running smoothly but to keep the readers happy.  We have set aside two Wednesdays every month as our posting release schedule.

For any other questions or concerns with any of the imprints contact either Doug or Tom through their respective email addresses.

Doug Bookey:  Bookey@gmail.com
Tom Moses:  mosestm@gmail.com

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.
Doug Bookey and Tom Moses
Editors of Altered Vision

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