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Update 3-6-13

Amazing Spider-Man #26
Written by Andrew Gabriel
Ultimate Avengers #6 Written by Curt Fernlund

Welcome back Fan Ficcers. Altered Visions here to give you two great issues this release. Look for hopefully another release this month as well as we work hard to get back to consistent updates and while you are getting to know us again head over to the Altered Visions Forums to leave your thoughts on the site, the issues, and the amazingly talented writers that we have here.So get in there and read some Fan Fic and you should tell your friends cause they are gonna wanna read this top notch fan fiction. We can't do what we do without readers so If you know someone looking for some good reads send em our way at Altered Visions. Also if you get a chance check out the forums there is some really cool stuff, There are forum exclusive series like Jack Flagg and forum exclusive content from your favorite writers.

We are on the look out for you. That's right you, we want you to come write for Altered Visions. Don't have time for a full series, then come check out Altered Visions Presents... or Number 1anthologies. Also we like mini series so got a idea for a story that can be told in 1-5 issue then let us know. Some things we would love to see Night Shift, Spider-woman, Hannibal King, and many more. If you have an idea no matter where it is in development give me an email or shoot me a message on AIM or better yet head over to our message board sign up and shoot me a private message. I am always available to chat about ideas and help develop your to fit into the Altered Visions universe.

Come See the Difference

-Doug Bookey
EiC and Web Master of Altered Visions.

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